Board of Directors .


Antonio Duarte Amezquita

Antonio was born in Bogotá D.C., Colombia, graduated from the Javeriana University with a Doctor in Law degree and also obtained an undergraduate degree from the Faculty of Social-Economics, also from the Javeriana University. He was an Associate in the law firms of; Raisbeck & Raisbeck and Baker & McKenzie, then became an International Partner (Principal) in the International law firm of Baker & McKenzie. Since 2006, Antonio established and is a partner of Duarte Cremaschi, Attorneys at Law. Antonio’s areas of experience are many, some being; Corporate and Commercial Law, Construction Contracts, Mergers and Acquisitions and several others. He has been married to Marta Cremaschi since 1979 and with children. Antonio likes sports, playing in a band and being social. 

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Kirby Braddell

Kirby is an American-British national based in Bogota, originally from Oxford in the UK. He came to Colombia in 2012 with his wife (then girlfriend) and began working for a local tourism company renting short stay apartments in the beach town of Coveñas, Sucre. After getting to know the country and the culture he found Colombia to be a place that he felt a strong connection with so he decided to stay. During his time in Colombia he has been involved in different projects and businesses, however tourism in Coveñas has remained a constant and in 2016 he started his own business, a hotel operating company – La Tienda de Viajes. He currently runs and rents 600 beds between two properties in Coveñas from his offices in Bogota and Sucre. Throughout his time in Colombia he has felt a desire to become more involved with positive changes in the society. He hopes he can contribute some of his time and skills to helping the American society in order to achieve some of those changes.

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Brad M. Walton

Brad Walton is Partner and Managing Director of PSIGMA LLC, a Houston-based consulting firm that specializes in talent assessment to help organizations select, develop, and retain their most important resource: their people. Over the past two decades, Brad has established himself as a thought leader in the field of executive development and human capital. In addition to his executive career, Brad serves on several non-profit and advisory boards.
A native of Nebraska, Brad arrived in Bogotá in 2009 and met his future wife during his first visit to Colombia. Since then, Brad has called Colombia home while working and traveling extensively throughout the Americas. He quickly became a cultural ambassador passionate about sharing ties between Colombia and the USA.
Brad currently lives in Bogotá with his wife Brenda and son Liam, enjoying the outdoors, traveling the world, and spending time with friends and family throughout North and South America.

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Jorge Navarro

Jorge studied Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering in Aachen, Germany. During 10 years, Jorge worked for a German leisure airline, where he had the opportunity to do what he loved while he discovered the world and its variety of cultures. In 2018, Jorge finished his MBA in Aviation Management at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Daytona Beach, FL) and returned to Colombia to start his own aviation consultancy firm. On parallel, Jorge is also venturing with his own start-up, A Meaningful Life, a project of mindful retreats and day sessions that is helping many to get closer to their life’s purpose and live a more balanced, fulfilling life.

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Isabel Prollamante                             

Isabel is an entrepreneur with a decade of experience in the advertising industry. She is co-founder of GIGIL Group,  awarded as Asia’s Most Marketing-Effective Independent Agency & Asia-Pacific’s (Asia-Australia-New Zealand) 3rd in 2020. She is also co-founder of Colombian Collective, an exclusive curation of sustainable & purpose-driven Colombian lifestyle brands targeting the Asian market. The platform aims to create awareness for Colombia in this untapped market through sustainable fashion. Originally from the Philippines, Isabel has studied & worked in South Korea & Indonesia. Together with her Colombian husband and 2 daughters, she has made Colombia her home since 2019.

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Joseph Finnin 

Joseph is a dual national, American/Colombian, born in Bogota, and married for 49 years to a U.S. citizen, Terry. He and his wife have two children and two grandsons. He is an avid golfer and loves working with others. For close to sixteen years, till July 2006, he headed the Colombian American Chamber of Commerce in Colombia. Since his retirement from the Chamber he was a university professor at CESA in Bogotá, was associated with one of the most prestigious Colombian law firms specialized in foreign affairs, Araujo Ibarra, worked independently as a PR person for Invest in Bogota, was Director for Visit USA, and was a Board member of the Fulbright Commission in Bogota. Presently, he is an associate with the real estate firm in Bogotá, Llinas Caballero & Asociados Ltda. One of the things he enjoys most is helping others personally or through organizations such as the American Society of Bogotá. Joe has been a member of the society for over 20 years and served as the Board President for five years, starting in 2010. Currently he serves as an Honorary Board member.