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In 1939, when Bogotá had already undergone significant urbanization and modernization, there was a small group of Americans in the city who wanted to create a platform for Americans to connect with Colombian leaders, and thus the American Society of Bogotá was born as a non-profit organization.

As years went by, more foreign companies and American families were moving to the city. They needed to learn how to navigate the city, how to meet other Americans, how to make friends with Bogotanos — how to adjust to the new city.

The Society then began to morph into something bigger, with more sponsors and more social events. Within ten years, the American Society had created a strong network of members and sponsors and expanded its focus to include not only reknown social events, but also to give back to the local community by promoting special scholarships and other educational initiatives within the city.

Now, nearly 80 years later, we have had over 20,000 members, put on more than 400 social events designed to connect Americans, other foreigners and Colombians to each other for social and professional purposes, and the money we have raised has helped fund the education of nearly 2,000 Colombian students in Bogotá. We remain committed to fostering a connected, strong network of professionals, foreigners and Colombians alike, who proudly call Bogotá home.


The American Society of Bogota connects and celebrates Colombian and American cultures through social events and supports causes that benefit education in Bogotá.


To impact thousands of Americans and Colombians in Bogotá by forging a connected community which celebrates and learns from the best of both cultures and contributes positively to our local community in Bogotá. 

Our Partners and Sponsors

If you or your company wish to become a sponsor of The American Society and that your brand has a presence in our events, contact us.

Board of Directors

Antonio Duarte Amezquita

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