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Antonio was born in Bogotá D.C., Colombia, graduated from the Javeriana University with a Doctor in Law degree and also obtained an undergraduate degree from the Faculty of Social-Economics, also from the Javeriana University. He was an Associate in the law firms of; Raisbeck & Raisbeck and Baker & McKenzie, then became an International Partner (Principal) in the International law firm of Baker & McKenzie. Since 2006, Antonio established and is a partner of Duarte Cremaschi, Attorneys at Law. Antonio’s areas of experience are many, some being; Corporate and Commercial Law, Construction Contracts, Mergers and Acquisitions and several others. He has been married to Marta Cremaschi since 1979 and with children. Antonio likes sports, playing in a band and being social. 

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Kirby Braddell

Kirby is an American-British national based in Bogota, originally from Oxford in the UK. He came to Colombia in 2012 with his wife (then girlfriend) and began working for a local tourism company renting short stay apartments in the beach town of Coveñas, Sucre. After getting to know the country and the culture he found Colombia to be a place that he felt a strong connection with so he decided to stay. During his time in Colombia he has been involved in different projects and businesses, however tourism in Coveñas has remained a constant and in 2016 he started his own business, a hotel operating company – La Tienda de Viajes. He currently runs and rents 600 beds between two properties in Coveñas from his offices in Bogota and Sucre. Throughout his time in Colombia he has felt a desire to become more involved with positive changes in the society. He hopes he can contribute some of his time and skills to helping the American society in order to achieve some of those changes.

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Joseph Finnin 

Joseph is a dual national, American/Colombian, born in Bogota, and married for 49 years to a U.S. citizen, Terry. He and his wife have two children and two grandsons. He is an avid golfer and loves working with others. For close to sixteen years, till July 2006, he headed the Colombian American Chamber of Commerce in Colombia. Since his retirement from the Chamber he was a university professor at CESA in Bogotá, was associated with one of the most prestigious Colombian law firms specialized in foreign affairs, Araujo Ibarra, worked independently as a PR person for Invest in Bogota, was Director for Visit USA, and was a Board member of the Fulbright Commission in Bogota. Presently, he is an associate with the real estate firm in Bogotá, Llinas Caballero & Asociados Ltda. One of the things he enjoys most is helping others personally or through organizations such as the American Society of Bogotá. Joe has been a member of the society for over 20 years and served as the Board President for five years, starting in 2010. Currently he serves as an Honorary Board member.


Barry Gilman

Barry has been living in Colombia for 24 years and has both American and Colombian citizenships. After teaching in the US for 20 years, he came to Colombia in 1997 and became a Principal working at Colegio Nueva Granada for 14 years. Leaving this school, he moved to Bucaramanga where he was a Kindergarten Principal for three years at Colegio Panamericano. He then settled in Cucuta where he helped develop Cucuta’s first bi-lingual school with a US Curriculum. He now lives in Bogota working at Liceo Boston as the Lower and Upper School Principal.

Barry continues doing consulting work in Literacy for various schools in Ecuador, Panama and Colombia. He is also President of DI Colombia, a foundation that helps children develop 21st century skills through STEM based challenges helping them improve their team building and problem-solving skills as well as their creativity. 

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Catalina Duarte    

Catalina has always believed that it is possible to change the world through education, and never imagined that as a civil engineer she would have the opportunity to work actively to do so. After a long career in the oil and gas industry, she shifted her focus and dedicated herself to learn about education and work for the transformation of Colombia’s educational system. She started this path in the ministry of education where she worked as an advisor for the Director of Education Quality for Schools, then moved to Colombia’s Education Evaluation Agency – ICFES- as an advisor for the General Director, and today she is an Education Consultant for Basil and Colombia at the Inter-American Development Bank. Her passion for education stands out in every activity she performs: she shows initiative and enthusiasm when working in a new project, as well as extensive sensitivity towards social issues and challenges in education; and as so, we are very happy to have her as part of our Education Committee.

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Philip Hails Ávila          

Philip has served as President of the American Society of Bogota since 2017. He was born and lived in Bogota until he left for college in the States, having studied Mathematics at Duke University and later earning a Master’s in Healthcare Administration from Harvard University. He has worked in the healthcare sector his entire career, focusing on finance and real estate. He lived in Boston for 10 years before coming back to Bogota a few years ago, at which point he joined ASB’s Board.


Marcello Leonardi

Marcello is a native of Chicago, Illinois. He studied and worked in the UK, where he worked in the banking sector, specializing in the financing of renewable energy projects. Marcello moved to Bogota, Colombia, in early 2013, with his Colombian wife and daughter. Apart from setting up a small wine import business, Marcello has worked over 7 years in financing Colombia’s 4G toll-road program and is currently heading-up the expansion into Colombia and Latam, of a boutique Italian financial advisory firm.

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Lina Manrique

Lina was born in Texas, USA. She studied Business Administration at Los Andes University and worked in finance for several years. She lived in France for one year where she studied French and art history. She then moved to New York where she did a master in Arts Administration at New York University. She worked at the Museum of Modern Art, department of Design and Architecture, Museum of Contemporary Art, education department and art galleries like Paula Cooper Gallery and Mary Ann Martin Fine Art. Back in Bogotá she opened a design store that created, made and imported original carpets from India and Nepal. Lina is happy to bring her experience in finance and the art and design worlds to the American Society and is an active member of the finance and event committees.  She lives with her husband and two teenagers in Bogotá

Dan Petrie

Daniel Link Petrie                

Dan is an American who has lived in Colombia since 2004 working in and out of Latin American since 1998.  He is managing director for the investment bank Helm Banca de Inversión associated with the Helm Group and manages a renewable energy generation company which develops hydroelectric plants in Latin America.  Daniel has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Arizona and a Masters of International Management from Thunderbird.  Daniel is married to Sandra Abella and has a two children Sarah and Daniel.  He enjoys golf, surfing, and reading.

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Isabel Prollamante                             

Isabel is an entrepreneur with a decade of experience in the advertising industry. She is co-founder of GIGIL Group,  awarded as Asia’s Most Marketing-Effective Independent Agency & Asia-Pacific’s (Asia-Australia-New Zealand) 3rd in 2020. She is also co-founder of Colombian Collective, an exclusive curation of sustainable & purpose-driven Colombian lifestyle brands targeting the Asian market. The platform aims to create awareness for Colombia in this untapped market through sustainable fashion. Originally from the Philippines, Isabel has studied & worked in South Korea & Indonesia. Together with her Colombian husband and 2 daughters, she has made Colombia her home since 2019.

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Alma Quiroga 

Alma was born in San Francisco, California to a Colombian father and an American mother but spent much of her early childhood in Villavicencio, Colombia. After finishing her schooling and undergraduate studies in Philosophy and sociology in the US, she moved to Colombia in 2007 and is now a dedicated independent consultant focused on Business Storytelling for leadership development, company culture and branding processes. She facilitates workshops and leads consulting projects for multinationals and some small businesses here in Bogotá and has also taught a business class at the CESA. She enjoys playing soccer, drinking Colombian specialty coffee, dancing salsa and traveling.

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Eric Tabone

Eric Tabone            

Eric is an entrepreneur originally from Fort Worth, Texas. Eric graduated from Texas Christian University with a degree in Finance, yet always had a passion to create a lasting change. After arriving in Bogotá in 2010, Eric saw an need for corporate English instruction that wasn’t being met by the market at that time. With less than a hundred dollars to his name, he started Bogotá Business English, focusing on high-quality English programs with a clear corporate focus. Over the past several years, BBE has grown exponentially, currently employing 50 talented individuals who represent 12 countries and work in five major cities across Colombia. Eric first met his Colombian wife, Laura, in Bogotá. In their free time, they enjoy traveling the globe, cooking good food (especially smoking meat on their grill), and tasting wines from every region of the world.

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Roumjana, a native of Bulgaria and a long-time NYC resident, came to Colombia in 2013.  Her experience includes Customer Experience, Corporate Strategy and Operations. Roumjana currently works in Scotiabank, in a central support unit to several countries’ contact center operations.  Prior, Roumjana was the Regional Customer Experience Director for AIG’s personal insurance claims, serving several countries in the region out of Bogota. Previously, Roumjana worked at MetLife and AIG Life, in their respective Strategy and Planning groups in NYC headquarters, and before was in Product and Sales at AIG Personal Insurance. In each of her roles Roumjana has been connecting the dots of People, Process and Technology to deliver operationally on the strategy for the customer. Roumjana grew up in Sofia, Bulgaria, and graduated from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service. She earned her Bachelor of Science at Mount Holyoke College in Massachusetts. US citizen. Roumjana is very happy to have made Colombia a home. She and her husband enjoy very much hiking near Bogota, and playing with her 5 year old daughter and 3 year old boy.